Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Organizing

Well got up early this morning to get more blood test, Praise the Lord my primary doctor ok'd the other blood test my homeapathy doctor wanted. God is good! I have a appointment with her on Friday. The tech who takes my blood is a sister in Christ what a blessing she is. Well stopped off by Wal-Mart got me some of those plastic totes to store stuff and some 8x11 1/2 drawers to put my ribbon in that is not on spools. So I got home built a fire and spent the rest of the day doing that. I just woke up keeping warm in front of a fire can sure make a gal sleepy. So other than that have not done much today just sitting here munching on some cherries and going to bed shortly. Have to get busy on my swap.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a Day

Woke up this morning to my aunt and uncle working on re-arranging my craft area, so I have been busy all day today. My aunt and I was talking about it yesterday so today they helped me to re-arrange and improve my crafting area. It's not much just a small space but it is mine and it is wonderful. I do have another space in my living area where I store my paper and embelishments. I will be working on that area when I finish this space. All the furniture was given to me by my 2 uncles. Once I have it done I will post some pics so you all can see. I am so excited to get this finished and do some crafting.

Went to church yesterday it was great, we are studying the book of Ephessians great book! Still not sure if I will be changing churches. I love the people and have made some great friends. I just don't agree with how certain things are done so I am going to give it some time and see what happens.
It has been snowing all day long needless to say I have not been out side brrrrrrrrr!!. I would love to go outside and take some pictures though. I love the snow just hate the cold. Well time to go to bed I want to get up early tomorrow and finish organizing my space. So much to do and the days just seem to fly by. Good night everyone and God Bless.