Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kitty Kat Paint Can Swap

Here are pics of a paint can swap I did in April. This was my first time at decorating a paint can. But I did enjoy it and will do it again.
This is the card I sent along with the can.

I made goodie bags for Brenda's 4 fur babies

Here is a peek of all the goodies I put inside

This is Lady Grey

This is Gibson

This is Wikkit

This is Archer

This is the top

Guess where I have been???

There is nothing like a little water on your heart and lungs to interrupt your day. Went in Friday for and echo gram and they rushed me to ER. So much for my plans to go buy me some scrap booking goodies. They operated on Saturday morning, there is nothing like waking up with tubes and wires sprouting from your body. Later that night got slam dunked into ICU, my blood pressure got down to 60. So I spent a couple of days there which they just had to add another tube like I did not already have enough. On Sunday they removed around a liter of fluid from my left lung. Monday they moved me to a regular room where I spent the duration. I did have a great room mate Helen we got to share God's word with each other, what a blessing. Wednesday they removed my tubes and wires the tube from my chest felt like a hundred bees stinging me all at once may I just say OWE!!!!!!!. Between Saturday and Wednesday around a gallon of liquid was drained from my heart. I got home between 5-6 pm. Have been trying to take it easy but 5 days hanging out in bed is not my idea of a good time. There are only 3 positions you can lay, and only so much TV. you can watch before you start going stir crazy. But I can say I was blessed with the medical staff the nurses were wonderful. God always seems to place me in the best medical hands. The chief of surgery did my operation. So anyways I get my stitches out next week yahoo!!!! I told my friends enough people have seen me naked this week I feel like a stripper

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. What a blessing you all are to me. God is sooooooooooo good, I know I say it often but I am truly blessed. Nothing compares to the promise we have in Jesus. He is my comfort, my shelter, my tower of refuge and strength. Glory be to Him, once again He has carried me thru the valley. The enemy keeps trying to tear me down and God just keeps building me up. Praise your name Lord and thank you for loving me and using me as a witness to how wonderful you are. To you be the glory for I know it is only because of you that I am still here. A special thank you to my Aunt who never missed a day to come visit me. Her and my Uncle are a true God Send for me, I love them very much. Thanks to my church family for your prayers and cards. May God bless you all and keep you safe in the shadow of His wings.