Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Understanding of Good Friday

Got my results back yesterday and get ready for this, there are now new nodules on my lymph nodes. The one they found has shrunk from cm's to mm's. There was a spot on my other lung which is not there now, everything else has not significantly changed. Praise God, I am healed. So I ask all of you believers in Christ to give a shout of praise to the Lord. He is great, He is good His glory and Grace is never ending. I have to see my doctor on Monday. I am waiting for him to explain to me how this happened since I am not back on chemo. My chemo is trusting and believing in God with all that I am no matter what this world may say. Just to think if I would of listen to my doctor I would of been back on chemo getting injected with poison and living my life on the couch not having the energy or ambition to live my life as God intended. My doctor told me in late October, early November that I could not be cured of cancer. That I had 2 options get back on Chemo till they find a cure or get back on Chemo till I have no quality of life. I chose NOT to do chemo but been doing ulternative treatments(all natural and a change of diet). But most importantly I have claimed my healing I have stopped asking God to heal me, instead I have been thanking Him and praising him for my healing. I have not been listening to Satan's little voice that keeps trying to tell me I am not cured cause I still have this symptom or that symptom. I am healed Jesus Christ died on this day Good Friday to cure me of my cancer. He came to this world to pay the price for me today and for anyone who will just ask. He freely suffered (more than I can imagine) and then died, so I could have everlasting life and be free of all sicknesses. He did this so I could be a witness to His glory so I could one day sit here and write these words I am writing to anyone who reads this. I want to shout from the mountain tops and dance for the whole world to know that God is greater than anything Satan can throw at us. He is in control and we must trust and believe in Him and His word even when our world is crashing down around us. I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I ask that you all still keep thanking and praising God for my healing as there are still side effects I am dealing with from the radiation and the chemo. But you can believe and know that I am healed.
Thank you Father God for all you have blessed me with and all the wonderful plans you have for me and my future.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I also made my partner a birthday list book, some sentiments and a photo frame for her cat Logan. Not to mentioned I sent her other goodies as well which you can see on her blog Peachy Paper Crafts.

I joined a mail box swap awhile back here is my creation