Monday, February 15, 2010

Well I got the results back from my ultra sound on my thyroid. Well honestly I have had them back for over a week. I guess I was just putting off posting my results on here. Well there is a new spot on my thyroid 1.5 centimeters big. So all the Chemo and radiation I went thru did not really kill the cancer like they said it would so much for that. Any who I go on Wednesday to talk with the doctor and discuss a treatment. I am at the moment doing an ulternative treatment Eating right for your blood type.
I am still a firm believer that God has healed me. Everything comes in His due time and I will not stop believing that I am healed. The Lord has not brought me this far for nothing. I honestly believe I will be a witness of the greatness of our Lord and His wonderous power and love. Now saying this does not mean that I don't have ruff days I do, Satan is doing his best to mess with my mind and get me to not believe. But I know he is a liar and he is not going to win this battle for HE who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. Isaiah 53:5 tells us by His stripes we are healed. SO I choose to believe the word. I thank God everyday for His healing and every blessing He has given to me. This is not just a physical and mental battle but also a test of Faith.
I have not decided yet on which way I am going to go in my treatments I will decide that after Wednesday. SO for those of you who read this if you pray for me. Please pray for the Lord to give me strength(physical and mental), for guidance in which way I should go with my treatment. But above all give Him praise and thank Him for my healing. For He is an awesome God.

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