Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well just got back from my doctors appointment. I must say I feel more at ease today. He said that the new nodule on my thyroid was not cancerous, don't ask me how he knows that but he said even if it was it's not that serious of a cancer. So PRAISE BE TO GOD I will take it at that. We discussed some treatment options for the cancer in my lungs which would be chemo. But instead of 3 drugs I would only be doing one drug I think it was taxol. Which means being bald again yuc!!!. But I have till march 13 to decide what I want to. He did mention a Pet scan but I seriously doubt I will do that. I do not want to be injected with more radiation once again I have done this twice. The last thing I need is more radiation in my system. So I am keeping on with my alternative treatments will be getting a CT scan done before the 13th and see what is going on. But Glory to God for He is ever faithful. He is the great I AM and I will praise Him in the middle of this storm.

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