Friday, May 30, 2008

Good morning,

Well I still have not sold my car and still am looking for a home for my 3 cats. I did how ever get some stuff listed on Craig's List and the classifieds so I am hoping this will help. I am taking my 2 cats to the vet today for their vacinations so they will be up to date. I also will be finishing my last boxes of packing so they will be ready to send home.

I have not had much energy these last few days but I must get this done. Things with my husband remain the same. No please don't go and stay, just stay long enought for my immigration appointment in Sept. Ha,Ha,Ha. He still denies the woman and his 5 yr. old kid. So I just confronted him with her name and the kid, he just looked at me. He knows I know, I told him "you should be lucky if it would have been years earlier they probably both would of been in the hospital." But Thanks to the LORD I have a spirit of peace, I just want to leave and get divorced and start a new. The woman part of me wants to rip him and her a new behind, but "Vengance is mine says the Lord" so I will let HIM take vengance.

Not much else going on except me here trying to get everything done ASAP. It's very hard tryiong to keep motivated when you are doing it all alone. Maybe he thinks he can control me by not helping me. He is so wrong I am on my way out the door.

Well gotta go and get busy.

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