Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Show

Well the gal never showed up to see my car but I did sell my motor scooter. And to my surprise he also took one of my cats and my rabbit. This is a friend who works as a security guard at K-mart. He asked his wife about taking a cat earlier in the month but she declined. Yesterday and she was here my Lou Lou did her loving stuff and the lady fell in love with her. It was very hard to give her up and know I will probably never see her again. But she has a home were she will get food and love and that is what is important. Also to my surprise he took my Bo Bunny rabbit. I have had this rabbit for around 3 yrs. she is very big and beautiful. Well some while back my Husband announced to me that he was going to make a soup with her once I was gone. I just could not believe his cruelty (he knows how much I love that rabbit). So last night when my co-worker came to pick up the motor scooter he asked if he could have my B Bunny. So with a broken/happy heart he took two of my children. It was so hard to say good bye but at least I know they have a home.
Well this morning when hubby found out the rabbit was gone he was FURIOUS. Telling me what a black heart I have and that my friend was more important than him. I just find it amazing that he does not see how much he has done to me hiding this double life for the past 5-6 yrs. and never wanting to help or support me. I just can't wait to get home and get away from him .

So I might just have to go home with pennies in my pocket but I can survive with out his help.

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