Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Morning everyone,

Today I have a guy coming to look at my motor scooter and a lady to look at my car. It would be a blessing to get both of these sold today. If I can get them sold I'm half way home. I so need to get out of this atmosphere and back home.

I did nothing special yesterday around 9 pm. I went to Dennys and had a swiss mushroom burger and a strawberry shake for my birthday. Yes I celebrated my birthday alone which I have been doing for the past years. As I was eating my friend from work called and invited me out to eat after she got out of work at 11pm. But since I was already eating we decided to meet at Chili's today for lunch.
When I got back home I got on my message board and to my surprise one of the gals from my DT had posted a picture. She made me a birthday cake, I just sat there with my mouth open. I was just so humbled, how blessed I am to have such wonderful woman in my life. I will try to post a pic of the cake if I can get the link right.
Did not get to sleep till 5am. Don't know what all that was about just kept tossing and turning. Got up around 9 am. now I have to get ready so these people can come and hopefully buy my car and motor scooter.

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