Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog.
This is a new blog for me as I am starting on a new adventure in my life. I will turn 45 tomorrow and in just a few short weeks I will be starting a new life.
I have lived in "La Isla del Encanto" Puerto Rico for over 20 yrs. in just a few weeks I will be moving back to Michigan with just my 2 cats, Moo Moo who is 9 yrs. old and Honey who is 5 yrs. old.
After 12 yrs. of marriage I have come to find that the man I have been married to has been living a double life. He has a five year old son with another woman and my status as beloved wife has changed to just a green card ticket, my husband is from China. I could sit here and write a book on all that I have been thru with this man, good and bad. But I need to focus on the positive and get home.
I am very excited about getting home, being with family and surrounding myself with positive energy and love. I am also very excited to find a good church home. Please don't get me wrong I am very saddened by everything that has gone on between me and this man I thought was my husband. But things have not been right betweens us for years, and now I know the reason why.
So I am chalking this up to a bad chapter in the book of my life and moving on to better things.

I also have a Scrapbooking message board Angels Wings and Crafty Things. We have a wonderful group of ladies on there. So if your looking for a place to share your faith, your love of paper crafting and creating new friendships come on over and check us out.

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