Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well last night was not a good night for me. I have been holding in all this frustration and anger I have been feeling since April. I just want to go home peacefully, but last night I was just fed up. His car is in my name now and he does not know how to drive a standard, so I have been taking him back and forth to work. Picked him up last night and went to the gas station (it was pay day for him) well he did not want to put gas in the car. I just told him if you want to go to work pump gas, he put in $20. I told him if he did not like it my way he needs to have his girlfriend take him to work and go to the immigration with him, and help him find a transmission for his car. I also told him I needed $500 for the airplane ticket. His reaction was but you have not sold your car yet. Never say stuff like that to a scorned woman.

So we have this flea market every Sunday about 10 min. down my street. My car has no tags so I could not drive it there because of police. I have been taken pics of my stuff for sale to post on line. So I got up at 7:30 am and got me a VERY LARGE piece of paper and glued my pics to it with the list of other stuff I have for sale. Got in my car went to Micky D's got me a breakfast went and parked my car and taped the paper to the back of my SUV and sat there and eat my breakfast. No one was coming around " I was a little ways away from the main part of the market". So I moved my car down to where everyone else was selling there cars and parked my car in the parking for $2.
I felt so stupid and embarrassed but I got out of my car with my piece of paper and stood in front of the parking lot with my HUGE piece of paper. I was amazed at how many people started to ask me about my car and everything else I had on there. "I was still feeling very scared and stupid but a girl is gotta do what a girl is gotta do". I was not there even an hour and a guy came and made me an offer and I said those magic words SOLD. I took less than what I wanted but my Aunt gave me a good talking to yesterday and told me to use the potty or get off the pot. So I used the potty.
So if nothing else I have the money to get me, my 2 cats, and my SUV home. Now DH knows I mean business. So he NOW has to come up with $500 for my plane ticket home. So really I can leave at any time I choose now. I am going to sell what ever I can and buy my ticket.
I will be home by the end of the month if not before.

PS..... Last thursday I walked around my car 7 times praying and asking the Lord to help me sell my car, since I seemed not to be getting any serious buyers.
Then I put my car out in front of where I live and on the second day I had a young man offer me $3000, but I waited for today to see if I could get more at the Flea market. Needless to say I sold my car and GOD ANSWERS PRAYER AND IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Even though I am going thru a very rough time I am blessed and I am loved. My Father is taking care of me every step of the way.
Thank you Father for watching over me, and being there even when my faith is VERY weak as it was yesterday forgive me. Glory and praise to your name thankyou for selling my car.

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