Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 19 and counting

I am sitting here and writing this and it just hit me the end of my 12 yr. marriage and my move home is becoming a reality. The man I have done my best for and have been thru hell and back for does not love me and only is with me to change his status. The marriage I thought would last forever was just a figment of my imagination.
I really am moving home, Home and Family how wonderful these words sound in my ears. How blessed I am to have a Uncle and Aunt that are taking me and my 2 cats into there home. To think I will be spending turkey day and christmas with family, not alone waiting for him to get home. There will be birthday parties, anniversaries, BBQ's, camping, family vacations. So I need to wipe these tears away and move on to more happy thoughts.

As you know I sold my car YAHOO!!!!!!!. Today I will sending out the money to pay for the shipping of my other car and buying my ticket, I have set a date for June 23. The prices just keep going up it will be close to $500 for me, Moo Moo, and Honey to fly home. I have to check one of them as baggage as you are not allowed two animals per person. I have been assured by quite a few people if they are in good health they should be safe. This makes me feel a little better but, I still don't like the idea of my kitty traveling as baggage. BUT the good Lord has watched over me so far and I trust in Him for my Moo Moo's well being during this trip.

Monday I spent 4 hrs. and $170.00 at the vets office getting vacinations and check ups. My vet was on vacation and there was a substitute. He was slow but very attentive and caring with my two furbabies. My vet is a cat lover, I just hope I can find someone as good as him when I get back home. I will deffinately miss him.

Tuesday woke up to find my cell had been turned off, husband did not pay the bill so we had to go down to the mall and pay it. Now IF he pays for next month it will be $25 more for the reconnection fee. If he wants to keep in contact with me he needs to pay it. My aunt has offered to get me a cell with there family plan he will not have this number. I also plan on getting a po box so he can keep in contact with me there, if he so chooses.
Found a home for another one of my cats now I only have 2 that need a home. I pray that this will happen before I leave. Sold some of my scrapbook stuff, had some people come to my house to see the stuff I am selling. One guy brought about 10 people with him. I was freaking out with all those people in my house, and then they bought nothing I guess they figured I was giving it away.

So today I will be working on moving stuff outside to the garage for the sale that way no one needs to be in my house. So I should be all done with my stuff by the 23 and then I will be on my way. The count down is on.

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