Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well I was going to buy my plane ticket yesterday but they wanted over $400 for a one way. So after lots of checking and re checking, I found a ticket for $248.00 arriving at night, not in my home town and it's on the 18th. Five days earlier than I was planning. SO that news is not so good but, the good news is I can fly my 2 cats together in the same carrier which means only $150.00 for them both what a relief, now I just have top find the right size carrier. So instead of 18 days and counting it's 13 days and counting.
Now I just need to find homes for my 2 other cats and sell what ever I can.
Today I plan on staying home (except for buying my ticket) and get everything done and get this sale started.
So I am going to get and get busy.

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