Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a little change of plans

I bought my tickets yesterday, but instead of the 23rd. I will be traveling on the 19th. Almost had a ticket for the 13th but just as my friend was ready to click payment the ticket went up $50. So I got a ticket for the 19th at $288.80.
So it is 13 days and counting.

Yesterday as I was at my friends house I was thinking even though I want to get home, the actual saying good by to this man I have called husband for the last 12 yrs. is not going to be easy. There is that part that still cares about him even though he has done what he has done. It will be harder than what I think to say good bye to the place I have lived for over the past 20 yrs. I know everything will be OK once I get home, I just take one day at a time and I will be find. There is so much to look forward to, but by the same token there is so much to say goodbye to. I wish they made don't cry pills. But then again maybe crying is a good thing to help me relieve the stress.

On a brighter note me and my friend Evelyn are suppose to go and see the new Indiana Jones flick today. I can't wait it has been over a year since I last went to the cine. I sure will miss going out with my friend Evelyn. After the flick it is home and get busy I have to make the most of my time.
I did find a bank that will cash the incentive checks from the gov. and only charge $5. I need to get that done ASAP since his name is also on the check. I am putting everything in postal money orders. I don't want to be traveling with to much cash on me.
So gotta go and get things done

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